by Jess Driscoll | I write fiction and effusive blog posts.
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Hello. My name is Jess Driscoll, and for most of my life, I have lived in the suburbs outside Vancouver. I write facts and fiction. My greatest hits can be found at I make zines for my own Cameron House Press. I publish romance novellas under my pen name, Jameson Dash. This blog is a stream of paragraphs and pictures that get me excited about making art.

Writing is how I support myself and how I share myself with the world. If that means something to you, please buy my books (facts and fiction). Thank you.

Photo by Elisabeth Bayer

email: jessvdriscoll at gmail dot com
twitter: factsarenot

Projects: a tumblelog
Cameron House Press (and shop): a private press of zines
The General Review: a zine about food
General Classification: a blog of cycling nerdery
Human Events: a campaign romance novel seeking representation
Noon Gun: a collection of photographs from my year in Halifax
Jess is Drawsome: a collection of my best Draw Somethings